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The secrets of non-Latin texters, revealed!

The economist has an excellent primer on how mobile users enter non-Latin text using a standard numeric keypad on a typical mobile phone. And you thought T9 was hard! Pinyin is an easy shortcut for Chinese users, who have over … Continue reading

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Nothing Fishy About FishText

As you already know from previous posts I’m quite enamored with text messaging. But given that SMS costs effectively nothing for carriers to provide I find myself infuriated by two things: The surcharge for sending and receiving international texts — … Continue reading

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Al Howell’s First SMS

With a little help from the Telus LG 6190 Fastap handset he got from yours truly for his birthday, Al Howell today brought his mobile technology into the late 20th-Century with his first text to me: Andrew im using my … Continue reading

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Word Power

(Photo courtesy of Erling Sivertsen, via Flickr…) Here’s some interesting figures that I came across today, courtesy of Open Gardens: 2005 box office revenues for Hollywood films came in just shy of $30 billion U.S. dollars. 2005 worldwide music revenues … Continue reading

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