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  • Battle of the Set-top Boxes

    Ladies and gentlemen… On the right, crushing the scales at 11 lbs., the current living room media player champ… The Rogers-branded Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 SD. And the challenger… On the left, floating like a butterfly at a mere 0.67 lbs… Western Digital’s WD TV HD. Let’s get rrready to rrrummmbbble…! My Rogers Explorer 8300 […]

  • Vimio – The Mobile TV App Your Carrier Doesn’t Want You to Know About

    A recent episode of The Digital Production Buzz Podcast had the hosts positively gushing over US and A start-up MobiTV, who are offering wireless subscribers in the Americas live television on their mobiles through their carrier for a mere $9.95 USD/month. The service isn’t yet available for me, but I can get Fido’s official 3G […]

  • Why Are Broadcasters Trying To Break The Internet?

    In the same way that DVD region-coding has no place in this, the age of Amazon, eBay and unlocked players, television broadcasters have no business trying to restrict their content on the web. I can illustrate from my own experience with two examples of how they’ve tried and failed: 1. Crossing Streams – I do […]

  • Ten Years Later (Plus One)

    (Speaker’s Corner today — closed for renovation, or possibly forever?) Well, I’m an idiot… Last year around this time Al Howell sent me a congratulatory text on the 10-year anniversary of our first Speaker’s Corner broadcast as The Devil’s Advocates. I quickly corrected him, thinking that we started our Satanic shtick in 1997, but I […]

  • The Fall TV Season: Does Anybody Even Care?

    Maybe it’s a relic of a bygone age, where only a few television networks fought it out in the battle to win your eyeballs for an evening or even an hour. But the new crop of fall TV is still being reported on, and the news is not good. Here in Canada it’s the same-old […]