Tag: Whose Line

  • Back to School

    A shot of myself and Colin Mochrie performing for Microsoft last summer. Hilarious, ain’t it? You youngsters out there may dread September, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve already got a couple of improv gigs semi-booked, and I’ll be taking on a new Second City Conservatory Class for their grad revue. I’ll be contributing […]

  • Upstaged

    For the Microsoft show I did Thursday I wrote a cheeky little gag that I hoped would score Colin Mochrie and I the latest version of Office for Mac. It went something like this… ME: “So Colin, you use a computer, right?” COLIN: “Sure.” ME: “And what kind of computer do you use?” COLIN: “I’ve […]

  • Whose Hanger On Am I Anyway

    One thing I didn’t tell you about my Boston trip: As soon as I touched down at Logan International Airport I got a call from my agent, informing me that I’d been booked on a corporate show in Florida with fellow SC alum Jackie Harris and Whoser star Greg Proops!

  • Colby-Sawyer Photos

    Julia Moniz, a faithful fan of Colin, has posted some photos of the Colby-Sawyer show on her site. Enjoy!

  • Just Drive

    Mr. Mochrie and I with just a few of the new friends we made at Colby-Sawyer College… When I drove my rented car out of Boston Logan Airport yesterday I was a bit freaked out. Here I was in a strange vehicle on roads never before travelled, with signs that didn’t always make sense. I […]