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  • Nokia N86 – A straight-up oldskool Nseries smartphone, yo.

    One thing that stuck with me from the launch of WIND Mobile in Toronto this past week was that the company offers not a single straight-up oldskool handset. Even in their currently limited lineup everything they’re selling is either a touchscreen or qwerty. And yet my recent stopover in super-futuristic Tokyo last month would suggest […]

  • Nokia N86 – Worst Camera Phone EVAR!!1!

    Hey, didn’t I post just yesterday that Nokia’s N86 was the best camera phone EVAR? Indeed I did. I’m not trying to contradict myself here; instead I merely wish to point out a couple of issues that prospective N86 owners should be aware of. You can decide for yourself how important they are. Exhibit A: […]

  • Nokia N86 – Best Camera Phone EVAR!!1!

    How’s this for a vote of confidence? The 8-megapixel camera on Nokia’s N86 is so good that I never once reached for a standalone camera on my recent trip around the world. Here are some of the best pics snapped in faraway places — you can see more in my dedicated Flickr set… And video […]

  • #ACRTW – Sunday brunch in London with friends.

    Hey, isn’t that Tom Hall, the dude who tirelessly collates all the goings-on in the Nokia-verse for WOMWorld.com? Indeed it is — he’s seen here (photo #1) posing at the front door of 1000heads swanky new London HQ. Tom graciously offered to babysit me during my day-long layover in and out of Heathrow, and he […]

  • N97 24/7: Okay, one more post!

    This is a compilation of the many hours of video we shot during our N97 24/7 Tour, edited without sound for the big wrap-up party in NYC. I added some appropriate music to it for you… The party starts at about 15 seconds in. 😎