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#ACRTW – Bangkok by land and sea and land (YouTube vids).

For those who have been, Bangkok is probably about as famous for its congestion as anything else. Here are three quick videos showing the predominant modes of local transportation: First up, the BTS SkyTrain — coincidentally covered in advertising for … Continue reading

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Nokia N96: What’s on the Big Screen

Today we set my Nokia N96 down on its porno kickstand and marvel at the video options for that huge 2.8-inch screen. First up, the groundbreaking DVB-H live television tuner… Oh, right… Just like Japan’s 1seg and South Korea’s DMB, … Continue reading

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A Requiem For emTube

Loyal readers know I’m no fan of Apple’s iPhone, mostly because its many fanboys and girls are blissfully ignorant of other smartphones and what they can do. The iPhone’s YouTube Player, in particular, is surprisingly bad when compared to the … Continue reading

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Anyone But Harper

On this, the morning of the televised leaders’ debate (the Canadian one, because I live in Canada) I present to you three viral videos I directed for the anti-Stephen Harper site AnyoneButHarper.ca — parodies of ads you may have seen … Continue reading

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The Return of Search Engine, and Yet Another Fail for Old Media

So CBC’s Search Engine Podcast is back with a vengeance; Episode 2 of the new series is all about the very foundation of the World Wide Web — linking. You’d think by now, some 15 years after the first web … Continue reading

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